There are very early traces (17th century) of ZEDLITZ in Bohemia. But it is still largely unclear how these are related to the other Zedlitz families.

More is known about a family originating from Zwickau. Probably Zwickau in Bohemia (district municipality Gabel) is meant here. Of course, it could also be Zwickau in Saxony.

Eduard Josef ZEDLITZ
* 23. November 1833 in Zwickau
musical instrument maker
⚭ 1861

moved to Neu Modland, Aussig county after 1861. They had two sons:

  1. Josef ZEDLITZ
    * 2. January 1870
    + 1902
    ⚭ Barbara AMENT

  2. Maximilian ZEDLITZ
    * 2. May 1878
    + 1914

WW1 casualty lists

The Austro-Hungarian casualty lists contain at least three ZEDLITZ: