The Zedlitz living in the U.S. today are descendants of three different immigrants.

Carl Richard Theodore ZEDLITZ

Carl Richard Theodore was born in 1832 in Striegau, Schweidnitz county, Silesia. On 7th November 1849 he left Bremen on board the “Hershel” and arrived at Galveston, TX on 20th January 1850.

In 1859 he married Louise Adelgunde Maria HILDEBRAND (1841-1906) and together they had ten children:

Carl Richard Theodore died in Paige, TX in 1898 at the age of 65.

Today his descendants (marked with a * in the list of his children above) live in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and neighbouring states.

Descendants of Carl Richard Theodore (preview image)

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Friedrich Rudolph Wilhelm ZEDLITZ

Friedrich Rudolph Wilhelm (1851-1926) immigrated to Connecticut in 1878. His descendants live in Connecticut and North Carolina.

Descendants of Friedrich Rudolph Wilhelm ZEDLITZ

Ernst August ZEDLITZ

Ernst August was born in Kanth, Breslau county, Silesia in 1880. He lived in Berlin before he left Hamburg on board the “S.S. Saxonia” on 24th April 1923. He arrived at New York on 7th May 1923. He owned a butcher’s store in Toledo, OH. At least three children originate from his marriage with Maria Hilda Therese PIOCH:

Other emmigrants

Besides these three emmigrants who’s descendants are known there were a couple of other Zedlitz-immigrants in the U.S. A connection between these and living Zedlitz is still unknown.