On 16th September 1709 Johann Christoph Freiherr von Zedlitz died at the age of 52 in Gugelwitz (Lüben county, Silesia). His death was the result of a apoplectic stroke on pentacost 1709. He was royal cavalry captain in Tiesenhausen’s cavalry regiment.

Tiesenhausen’s regiment was positioned in Livonia, until 1700 on Krongütern, later in Riga and Narwa. It was involved in Karl XII’s war in Ingermannland and Finland. The regiment was liquidated in 1708.

Hans Christoph’s wife was Christina Katharina von der Pahlen (1608-1706). They married and had these four or five children (probably all born in Livonia):

  1. Johann Freiherr von Zedlitz, * 1691, Swedish officer cadet in Sparre’s regiment, later captain in the garrison regiment in Wismar. He became a prisoner of war in 1715 near Stralsund and died shortly after due to his wounds.
    Wife: Juliana Katharina von Plessen, married again major Major Zabel Friedrich von Gentkow.
  2. Elsa Christine Freiherrin von Zedlitz, * 11. March 1690, + 18. July 1758 in Kyleberg, Svanhals parish, Sweden
  3. Hedwig Margaretha Freiherrin von Zedlitz, * 3. August 1697, + 3. January 1750 in Kyleberg, married 29. march 1720 Svante Caspar von Böhnen, Swedish captain in Skaraberg regiment * 1696, + in Vanstadt 1763
  4. Karl Bogislaus Freiherr von Zedlitz, * 1699, + after 1741. 1716 officer cadet in the royal Swedish life guard, from 1722 until 1733 captain in the infantry regiment Ostgöta.
    His wife: Agneta Maria Soop, marriage 4. November 1731 in Onsjö.
    One of their daughters Christina Margaretha Freiherrin von Zedlitz married lieutenant Erik Ernst Boije in 1758.
  5. Johann Andres wrote an undated letter to the king in which he offered his services. He could be another son or identical to (1).

Source: Das Geschlecht der Herren, Freiherren und Grafen von Zedlitz