During visits to Silesia I found many places were Zedlitz tombstones can be found.


Next to the Lutheran church in Kauffung (Goldberg county, Silesia) there are these gravestones. One of the gravestones is that of Heinrich Wilhelm VON ZEDLITZ.

With the help of Siebmacher’s coat of arms books I have been able to identify the following coats of arms:


Inside the Catholic church of Ketschdorf there are two gravestones on one wall, obviously of Zedlitz children. It is uncertain whether they have always hung in this place or were placed there only in more recent times.


There are numerous Zedlitz gravestones at the Lutheran church in Leipe (Schönau county, today Lipa).

Schönau an der Katzbach

We were only able to take a brief look at the Catholic church of Schönau an der Katzbach, as we were very soon asked to leave in a rather unfriendly manner. In the entrance area there is a gravestone.


Only a few ruins of the former church in Tiefhartmannsdorf remain. Two Zedlitz grave slabs can be found on one wall, another one lies broken and mossy on the ground.