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Wappen der Familie von Zedlitz

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In the vicinity of Breslau (Bischwitz am Berge, Kanth, and Jäschgüttel) lived a Zedlitz family branch. Today many of their descendents live in the U.S.


  1. August ZEDLITZ
    * about 1832 in Bischwitz am Berge, Breslau county
    1905 postal worker in Kanth, Breslau county
    ⚭ 15. October 1871 in Jäschgüttel
    Johanna KIRSCH
    1. Ernst August (* 2. September 1880, ~ 19. September 1880)
      ⚭ 2. May 1905 in Berlin
      Maria Hilda Therese PIOCH
      1. Hubert August Wilhelm
      2. Herbert Ernst

In 1923 Ernst August emigrated to the USA and started a meat market in Toledo, Ohio.


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