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Wappen der Familie von Zedlitz

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Today a couply of Zedlitz live in Danmark. However, a connection to the other Zedlitz families is still unknown. Church records list Zedlitz in Danmark already in the 18th and 19th century:

Lorentz Jürgensen ZEDLITZ

married Anna THOMSEN in Aapenraa on 29th December 1768

On 29th Decemter 1768 Lorentz Jürgensen ZEDLITZ (ca. 1728-1802) married Anna THOMSEN in Apenrade [church records Apenrade 1747-1782, opslag 403]. The marriage records undoubtly states the last name as "Zedlitz". However, other entries (daughter's birth 1770 and marriage 1795, death 1802) use the last name "Seidlitz". Futher research is necessary to determine which family name is correct.

Lorentz Jürgensen Zedlitz

Heinrich Andreas Magnus ZETLITZ

The 1801 census lists Heinrich ZEDLITZ and his family in Vestergade 10 in Skive. More about him and his family can be found on the page about family members in Norway.

Viborg, Hindborg, Skive Købstad, Skive Kiøbstad, , 9, FT-1801, B9179
Henrich Zetlitz    43     Gift    Huusbonde    Districts Chirurgus   
Mette Chatharina Nandrup    31     Gift    hans Kone       
Mette Christine Zetlitz    11     Ugift    deres Datter       
Egert Zetlitz    10     Ugift    deres Søn       
Ane Elisabeth Zetlitz    9     Ugift    deres Datter
Nicoline Birgithe Zetlitz    6     Ugift    deres Datter
Johan Christian Zetlitz    5     Ugift    deres Søn
Sigis Monda Zetlitz    2     Ugift    deres Datter

Anders Martinus ZEDLITZ

* 7 June 1861 in Børglum, Hjørring Amt [KB Børglum 1857-1870, Opslag 17]
~ 27 October 1861 in Børglum
Parents: Wilhelm ZEDLITZ und Inger ANDERSDATTER aus Wittrup (* ca. 1819) 

Frederik Wilhelm Eduard ZEDLTIZ

* 1830 in Silesia
+ 30 July 1888 in Skive
▭ 5 August 1888 in Skive

⚭ 10 June 1867 in Skive

Mette Cathrine JENSEN
* 8 November 1838 in Handbjerg, Ringkøbing Amt
~ 11 November 1838 in Handbjerg [KB Handbjerg 1834-1870, Opslag 34]
might have lived in Ejsing until 1878

the census list 1901 says they had 5 living and 4 dead children.

map showing Aapenraa, Børglum and Skive

Currently I am looking at church records and census lists to find more information about these and other Zedlitz in Danmark.


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