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Wappen der Familie von Zedlitz

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The Zedlitz family used to be one of the largest families in Silesia. Therefore it is not surprising to find occurences of the Zedlitz family at many places. A lot is known about the relationship within the von Zedlitz family and persons whose assignment is difficult show up only rarely. In contrast the situation for the "normal" Zedlitz is much mor difficult. So far it has not been possible to connect the different family lines together. There are also many completly unconnected Zedlitz persons at many places in Silesia.

An overview about the currently known occurrences of "normal" Zedlitz in Silesia:

Map showing the places where Zedlitz lived in Silesia

Unconnected persons from historic addressbooks:

(The entries are linked to the entry in the Verein für Computergenealogie's Database of Historic Addressbooks)

The addressbook of Breslau 1915 does not list any "normal" Zedlitz.


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